Providing quality homes for efficient living. REINA's standards for building and energy efficiency are top rated. All homes are equipped with an HRV system to maintain a healthy environment and keep energy costs low.

With a passion for energy efficiency and a strong focus on excellence, REINA has built a reputation as one of interior Alaska's leaders in residential home design and construction.  Specializing in homes that surpass AHFC's 5 star plus rating and are built to Energy Star, LEED and the NAHB Green Building Standards, REINA,LLC builds healthy and highly efficient homes designed to be sustainable in our climate for generations to come.  It is our mission to develop and build sustainable northern shelters that are powered soley by renewable energy sources and require up to 90% less heating and energy than a conventional building. REINA,LLC is incorporating the European super-insulated “Passiv Haus” standard into their designs and building practices and built the first two NET ZERO Homes in interior Alaska.

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