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Rental Utility Information

As with most rental properties, the utilities associated with them are the responsibility of the tenant to transfer billing into their name. In order to help you with this transfer, please review the information below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. Thank you!

There are three primary utilities you are responsible for. Electric, Water/Sewer and Heat (fuel oil). What these costs are to you as a tenant vary depending on usage. However, we have attempted to average these costs and show them below.

As fuel rates vary from month to month, the only 'cost' we can give you is that as these are high energy efficient units, they may use less than 800 gallons per year. Seasonally, this average per month cost changes with high and low temperatures. You can expect your higher expense for heating fuel to be in the winter, and almost nothing in the summer. Most of our units heat the hot water utilizing the fuel fed boiler system, so, just because your heat may be off during the summer does not mean you are not using any fuel oil.

Click on the links below for contact and location information for each utility.


Electric:  GVEA

Average Cost: $50-$75 per month




Water/Sewer:  Golden Heart Utilitiies/College Utilities

Average Cost: $50-$75 per month

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Heating Fuel Companies

The list provided is not exhaustive of available companies in the area. We encourage you to research each one for service and rates.

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