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Repairs & Maintenance Resources

Maintenance Requests

Having a home you are proud to live in with your family is important to us. Preventive maintenance is key to keeping a home livable and comfortable. As REINA is the builder and owner they are best qualified to conduct any needed repairs to your home. If you have an emergency, please call us immediately. If your request is general, please call or email. For your convenience, we have provided an online Maintenance Request form. 

Emergencies - Who to Call and What to do!  

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We encourage you to submit a maintenance request on our online form. This form, when submitted also send a copy of your request to you for easy tracking.


REINA office: (907) 457-1297



  • Fire (please call 911 first)
  • No heat (please check fuel level in your tank first), then call us. If temps reach critical there is a risk of pipes bursting and flooding the unit causing significant damages to your belongings and the unit.
  • No water, also attempt to contact the water utilitiy company (College Utilities, GHU)
  • Water is spraying from the pipes (please turn off water supply to lessen damages)
  • Toilet overflowing (turn off water, valves behind and under toilet)
  • Broken/missing window
  • Garage door will not close (winter emergency only)
  • Locked out - there is a lock out fee of $75 payable at the time of service.


  • Submit a maintenance request
  • Water is dripping from a faucet (please call during office hours so the drip/leak can be repaired)
  • Neighbor is being too loud (we encourage all tenants to at least attempt personal contact with a noisy neighbor, if the problem persists, please let us know during office hours - however, if noise is excessive and late at night, please contact your local police, keep a copy of the report for us to follow up with)
  • Appliances such as your refridgerator, stove, washer/dryer not working... please call us during office hours.
  • You are stuck in your driveway
  • A lightbulb is burned out
  • Your dog ran away
  • You are out of milk, sugar, coffee, etc.
  • The battery on your cordless phone is dead